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Chicken Poop™ Lip Junk


My daughter in-law and myself got to be part of a great adventure in Greensberg Kansas.
For 18 days we helped set up FEMA trailers for some of the residents who had lost their homes in a tornado that completely wiped out their small town of 1900 on May 4th.
Our skin and lips were so dried out from the sun and wind, it was
terrible. Chap stick just didn't cut it. A local resident introduced us to Chicken Poop. It made our 14 hour days
a little easier.
The work we were doing was so important, and the people so grateful. We just wanted to tell you that you were also there helping.
Now we are back home. My daughter in-law lives in Souix Falls South Dakota, where the wind also blows all the time, and I live in Little Falls, Minnesota. We just wanted to take a little time to thank you for helping us help the people of Greensburg, and ask you if there are any retailers in our states that carry Chicken Poop.

Thank you again
Sharon and Becky Szczodroski
Date Added: 06/06/2007 by Sharon
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