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Chicken Poop™ Lip Junk


I never thought I'd use that as an email subject, but there you are. I am huge marketing victim, I 'collect' lip balm and I veer towards products with natural ingredients. Add funny packaging, and I am sold! I know I am not the first, but let me tell you that your lip balm rates a 10 in each of these criteria in my book. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great product. I literally stumbled upon them while wandering around Walgreens at 11:00pm Christmas Eve looking for stocking stuffers. I promptly bought half a dozen. I have since picked up more, and casually handed them to friends in conversation. They are well on their way to becoming my calling card! *laughs* They were a huge hit , and I would like to contact you about purchasing a wholesale lot to sell at car shows. (I set up a booth selling custom silk flower hair clips and vintage pendletons and shoes). Thanks again, and if you'd like, check out the mention in my blog. Happy new year, sell lots of poop.
Date Added: 05/08/2007 by Renee
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